Eco Warriors

At St Columb Minor Academy, we are very proud that one of our USP's is 'Embrace our Eco Status'. We believe that our children have the power to make a difference today and tomorrow by their actions and their words. Our Eco-council translate our commitment to protecting our environment into action at school (changes to school policy), local (involvement in community events and representation at county level through the 'Big Conversation') and national level (eco school and green flag status). 
Our eco council engage with each other, the senior leadership team and the LAB as well as local councilors to make changes to policy and practice that are important to them in their daily lives, both now and for the future. 
The eco council have:
  • Promoted a single use plastic free school
  • Joined with our local secondary school to carry out community litter picks
  • Carried out beach cleans
  • Made representations to our local MP on eco matters 
We instill in the children that little voices joined with big actions can really make a big difference to the world in which they live. It is important that we listen to what our children have to say!
Our Eco Council developed their own Eco-code that they have shared with the whole school. Their code outlines their commitment to our USP of 'Embrace Our Eco Status'. The code guides their work across the year and is built on their eco action plan. It helps them to make the contribution to our local environment that they believe will make a difference both today and tomorrow.
Display boards around our school promote the importance of our environment for all of our pupils and builds on the things they learn in their science and geography curriculum. 
We hosted our very own Kernow Learning environmental summit with all our trust schools attending.
Contributing to a discussion about how to improve the local community and on a more national basis; they even grilled a local MP with some tricky questions.