Friends of Blue School

The Friends of Blue School (FOBS) is a parent/teacher/staff association, which helps raise funds for the school, organising events which bring the school, parents and the community closer together. It also provides information to parents on such issues as head lice and sun safety.

When your child entered St Columb Minor Academy, you automatically became a member of FOBS – your voice and opinion matters! 

We have a Constitution, an elected Chair, Treasurer and Secretary who are all parents at the school, and Kyja King, Co-Head Teacher, is our President.

As children leave the school in Year 6, the parents also leave the school and we depend on a continuous cycle of parent involvement to keep FOBS going. We are supported by Nikki Cotterill and all of the teaching staff but we need your help! Without your help we have no active FOBS – WE REALLY DO NEED YOUR SUPPORT!

Please contact FOBS on

None of our members are a specialist in fundraising; we are all just trying to raise money to provide a better learning environment for all the children.


FOBS has 3 main objectives:

  • Develop more extended relationships between staff, parents, pupils and others associated with our school.
  • Engage in activities and events which support and advance the education of our children.
  • Assist in providing facilities or educational items at the school which aren’t funded by the school’s statutory finances, by various fundraising events.


Parents can get involved in lots of different ways:

  • Volunteer to help out at an event
  • Supporting us by attending an event
  • Sending in donations to sell at our Christmas fayre i.e: cakes, bric a brac, tombola prizes etc.
  • Let us have any outgrown school uniform to sell at our second hand uniform stall.
  • Attend a meeting 
  • If you’re having a clear out, please remember us. All good bric a brac will be gratefully received.
  • Pass on any ideas for fundraising projects.


Our FOBS meetings are held on the 1st Monday of the Month at 6pm normally

  • Connect with other parents
  • Be the first to hear about important news and upcoming events at school
  • Have a voice in the activities and fundraising events that FOBS supports
  • Learn how the pupils and teachers of Blue school benefit from the work of FOBS
  • Volunteer your time at school, or at home to make a difference in our school community.


Your involvement is flexible! 

You can help in lots of small ways as well as getting heavily involved. Just 30 minutes of your time at a disco or at The Christmas Stalls makes a difference!
You don't have to attend meetings: you can contact us at to send in ideas for discussion or to be kept informed about events.

Make a difference

Raising funds for your school is worthwhile and rewarding. With just a few events each year, FOBS can really make a difference. And, of course, your child is going to benefit from all of these things while they are at school.

We’re not just for Mum’s

It’s important for our group and pupils to have Dad’s represented as well. Everyone is welcome including parents, carers, siblings, other relatives, teachers and teaching assistants.

Help your child achieve

The more involvement you have with your child’s education, the better. Research has shown that when parents become involved in their child’s learning, at home and school, it has a positive effect on their achievement. So join FOBS and you are helping your child to achieve their full potential.

Become a role model

When your child sees that you’re involved in their school, it shows them how important you think their education is. In turn, they see you as a good role model, undertaking voluntary work and helping the community. All of this helps them to become good citizens in the future. 

Find out more about your child’s school

Being involved in FOBS means you’ll find out more about how the school is run and you’ll get to know about focuses for improvement and future plans. It really gives you a chance to keep in touch with what’s going on. 

Use your skills

Whether you can bake cakes, manage money or come up with new fundraising ideas, your skills are valuable to our school. FOBS gives you the opportunity to put your skills to good use and they will always be gratefully received.

FOBS affects all of the Blue School community

FOBS is made up of parents who represent you! Your voice matters, make it loud! A lot of hard work goes into the FOBS events from the idea stage right through to the day of the event. The smiles on the children’s faces make all of the effort worth it when they see that you have played a part in it.

Have fun

It really can be great fun helping with fundraising events. Whether it’s having wet sponges thrown at you at the summer fayre or calling number at the bingo night, you will enjoy being part of this group of similar-minded people.


Our children are only at school for a relatively short time. Events such as Summer Fayres, Discos etc. will be remembered fondly by our children for a lifetime. Help us create lasting memories for our children. With your support we can make our children’s time at school even more fun!