International Council

Our school is rightly proud of our International Curriculum where we have worked hard to develop our ethos and curriculum to prepare today’s children for tomorrow’s world. We believe in children understanding who they are, where they come from and what impact they have on this world. This then leads on to an understanding of what they can do individually and collectively to make this a better world. 


As a school we began to think about how the world was already represented within our pupil population - we have 9 nationalities represented by 16 children! We wanted to make sure that we were listening to them when they shared their experiences of joining our school, of the challenges they faced language wise and culture wise, of the things that were most useful and what else we could have done to ease their transition (and their family's transition) into the Blue School Family and the St Columb Minor community.


This was how our International Council was started! We wanted the children to have a forum where they could share thoughts and ideas that would make the experience of joining our school, learning through our curriculum and making friends the best experience it could be.


The International Council

Our International Council is made up of a diverse selection of children from Year 4 to Year 6, who contribute from varied backgrounds and cultures.  The International Council objectives are to explore the many ways we can collectively work together to promote equality, diversity and inclusion in our everyday school life; raise awareness of some of the opportunities and challenges we face globally and locally as well as developing our own cultural identity in our diverse school community. Our International Councillors are enthusiastically motivated to make positive changes in our school and the wider community through exploration of social issues and the impact that change brings.


At this early stage, our councillors have made headway by producing a 'Welcome Booklet' that bridges the language barrier for children who do not have English as their first language. This is set to be translated for use for international students who are transitioning into our school.