Office Staff

Michelle Smith

Office Manager

After leaving school Michelle joined the civil service but after becoming a mum she pursued a career in childcare. Years later she felt that she was missing the office & was delighted when she was offered an Admin role at St Columb Minor Academy. That was over a decade ago now & she still feels that it gives her the best of both worlds, the busy vibe of the office working environment teamed with the fun of being around our children.

Outside of school:
Michelle is the proud Nanny to 4 little granddaughters & enjoys spending time with them. She has a new Ragamuffin kitten called Little Ted & insists he is naughtier than all the girls put together!

Most Unusual unknown fact about Michelle:
Michelle struggled to find anything interesting to say about herself and found this so hilarious that she succumbed to fits of giggles!

Favourite Quote: Live Laugh Love
Vicky Hunter

Admin and Attendance Assistant

Vicky always had a desire to work with children, which led her to volunteering in several schools during her secondary school education. She went on to achieve a foundation degree in Early Childhood Education whilst working full time in an administrative position. Following her studies, Vicky went on to have two children of her own. She decided to pursue administrative work and managed to secure a position in St Columb Minor Academy that allows her a lovely work-life balance. She has been the Admin and Attendance Assistant since September 2018.

Outside of school:
Vicky enjoys walking the coast paths and woodlands of Cornwall with her family. She would much rather be outdoors than in and spends her every spare moment with her children. She enjoys reading, spending time with her family and socialising with friends.

Most unusual unknown fact about Vicky:
Vicky has fed giraffes, dolphins and giant turtles, and once held a racoon on holiday!

Favourite Quote: 'Don't stress the could haves. If it should have, it would have.'
Maggie Darch

Receptionist/Admin Assistant

Sarah Rowe

PA to Headteacher & Co Headteacher

Sarah started work at the age of 16 as a payroll assistant and went on to have various office jobs before having her first child. After Sarah’s second daughter started school, Sarah worked with secondary school consultants at the Local Authority. Sarah has been the Personal Assistant to Mrs Cotterill and Mrs King since starting at St Columb Minor Academy in March 2016.

Outside of school:
Sarah is married with three children and the youngest is 8. Sarah loves gardening, particularly cutting the grass! Sarah also enjoys a spot of DIY and can often be found getting a bargain to renovate from the charity shop. The family also enjoy walking, cycling, kayaking, days out at the beach and cooking.

Most unusual unknown fact about Sarah:
Sarah has snorkelled in the Red Sea

Favourite quote: 'The things that make me different are the things that make me, ME!' Piglet, Winnie the Pooh