School council

We are very proud of our School Council. They are the representatives of every child in the school and their role is to be 'the voice of the pupils'. In class the children discuss matters that are important to further improving the daily experience of our children. Their representatives then take these ideas to the main meetings where children from every year group in the school have a say about the matters that are important to them.The Purpose of the School Council

  • To act as a voice for all children in the school
  • To benefit the school
  • To benefit all pupils
  • To contribute to decisions within the school
  • To organise social events and fundraisers
  • To promote democracy
School Council 2021-2022:

Led by
Amy Clarkson/ Tiff Ashton
Cornwall Learner Participation Award Bronze Level – awarded June 2019. The school Council attended the presentation of the awards at County Hall and gave a short description of their activities to those assembled.
Summer Term 2021
  • G7 schools activities
  • G7 Trust wide activities
Autumn Term 2021
  • Harvest Activities to support Water Aid.
  • Discussed the environmental review for the Eco School Green Flag, what we currently do and have improved on over the last 12 months
  • Considered what we could now do to improve – using the G7 summit charter and environmental review to link our actions.
  • Planting in reusable plastic pots for harvest festival activities
  • We also looked at our eco pledge and developed this to ensure it linked with our G7 charter actions.
  • Created questions for the COP26 Trust summit that relate to our plans for the year
Spring Term 2022:
  • Re-introduced crisp packet recycling
  • Revisited the children’s charter – focused on gardening and how to develop this across the school – especially during Cultivation week (7th – 11th March)
  • Eco Cordinator has moved the team forward on the New Green Flag Assessment
  • Worked on aspects of the behaviour policy in school by identifying what good behaviour looks like in class and at playtimes and considering ways in which this can be supported
Activities 2021-2022 (Planned)
  • Cultivation Week (March 7th – 11th)
  • Trust school council meeting March 15th
  • Evaluation of the behaviour policy
Top 3 priorities identified from Pupil Questionnaire/ pupil voice (Edurio)
1. Take part in a review of the behaviour policy
2. Take part in outdoor learning opportunities
3. Take part in activities with other Kernow Learning schools