Year 6

Faye Chandler

Class Teacher

Faye started her teaching career in Bristol where she taught for a few years. She then went backpacking around the world for a year exploring lots of different countries and cultures. When Faye returned from her adventures, she went straight back to teaching because she knew it was her dream job! Faye began working at St Columb Minor Academy in 2016.

Why did Faye choose teaching?
Faye knew from a very young age that she wanted to become a teacher. She knew she wanted to make a positive difference in many lives. Faye is incredibly passionate about teaching and learning, and she enjoys inspiring children to reach for the stars!

Outside of school:
Faye will usually be found on the beach and in the sea – whatever the weather! She swims, surfs (this mainly involves wipeouts!), paddleboards and rows. She has even rowed at the World Pilot Gig Championships on the Isles of Scilly. When Faye can be dragged away from the beach, she will often be found going for walks, cycling, cooking a BBQ and spending time with her friends and family.

Most unusual unknown fact about Faye:
Faye won a free tandem bungy jump in Queenstown, New Zealand for having the best fancy dress costume (that she made for free!). Feel free to ask Faye what her winning costume was!

Favourite quote: 'Seas the Day!'
Danni Gilbert

Class Teacher

Background: Danni has been a teacher for four years. Beginning her career in London, before moving back to Cornwall in 2019. She has been at St Columb Minor Academy since September 2019, where she loves being a teacher in Year 6. During her career as a teacher, she has worked in different locations in the UK and has also had an opportunity to teach abroad in Sydney, Australia.

Why did Danni choose teaching?
Danni became a teacher, because she wanted to inspire children and have a positive impact on their development. Her enthusiasm and passion for teaching and learning is complimented by her compassionate and nurturing nature. She firmly believes children need a friendly, kind teacher; who can provide inspiring and engaging lessons. This is the type of teacher she aspires to be daily.

Outside of school:
Danni is a very active person who loves being outside. She will often be found at the beach, on nature walks, or visiting different places in the UK, or abroad. Outside of her love of travelling, she is an active member of a local church. Additionally, Danni also loves to socialise with others and loves caring for animals.

Most unusual unknown fact about Miss Gilbert: Danni has travelled around the world, exploring some of the most exotic locations in faraway destinations. On her travels, she has been swimming with a whale shark, two dolphins and a fever (group) of stingrays.

Favourite quote: 'Every child deserves a champion: an adult who will never give up on them, who understands the power of connection and insists they become the best they can possibly be.' Rita Pierson, Educator.
Russ Withers

Class Teacher

Russ has been a teacher at St. Columb Minor Academy since 2003 and has recently secured the role of Assistant Head Teacher. He began his career in Surrey (in 1998) where he quickly became the Head of P.E within the school. Having spent 5 years in Surrey, his move to St. Columb Minor Academy enabled him to continue his P.E leadership with science also becoming another lead role. Over the years, at St. Columb Minor Academy, Russ has also led ICT and D.T. He now focuses his subject leadership on English - coupled with a continued interest in P.E. Russ is also a Specialist Leader in Education within English (and P.E) whilst also working as a Key Stage Two county moderator of writing which sees him travelling the county visiting schools to assess their writing.

Why did Russ choose teaching?
Russ came into teaching straight from school and passionately wants to motivate children to aim high in life! He believes that his teaching should take a key role in this, developing our citizens of the future.

Outside of school:
Outside of school, Russ will either be found on the golf course, trail running, mountain biking with his family or tending to his garden. He has lived in this community for over 40 years and is known by one and all!

Most unusual fact about Russ:
Russ always put his right sock AND shoe on first in the mornings.

Favourite quote: 'You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.' Wayne Gretzky
Debbie Teagle

Teaching Assistant

Elisabeth Hudson

Teaching Assistant

Laura Brook

Teaching Assistant

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